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2 Brothers Got Their Handsome Smiles!

Abqari is my primary school friend. We weren’t that close when we were kids. I still remember his image of wearing prefect uniform. He was primary 6 if I am not mistaken.
Thank you to social media platform that allows us to stay connected. He knew I am a dentist through Facebook and What’s app group.
One day, he texted me to know the treatment option for dental gap closures. He was really keen to close his dental gaps.
“My teeth will be a testimony for my brother as he also has dental gaps. It runs in the family,” he said.
“Oh really? Yes, dental gaps can be due to genetic factor. Some people thought it is cool or sweet to have gaps. Beauty is subjective,” I said.
What I like the most about meeting my old friends as patients is, we get to catch up with life updates. I feel I get connected with them even better.
Sometimes, we are too caught up with work, we do not have the time to connect with family and friends. I am glad that my job helps to build good relationships with people.
Abqari was satisfied with the result. He immediately set appointment for his brother to close dental gaps too.

Abqari’s before and after smiles

Aizad and wife came all the way from Penang. After checking his teeth, he needs to do 2 composite veneers and 2 simple composite fillings. The gaps are bigger than Abqari’s. He even wore denture to close the big gap.
“You can say goodbye to your denture today, Aizad,” I said.
I had only an hour to complete the treatment. I had no guts to disappoint his request. Hence, I speed up my work. Within an hour, he got his handsome brand-new smile!

Aizad’s before and after smiles

“Thank you, Doctor! I’m satisfied!” Aizad said.
The beaming smiles on their faces had made my day

Aizad’s before and after close up


You ought to be happy with your smile too. Why wait? If your smile keep yourself from being the real you, make that change now!
Do email me at kpmawarni@gmail.com for more enquiry. I’ll be more than pleased to assist you.

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