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Smile Makeover in 2 Weeks

Miss F went to see me recently with hope to improve her smile.
Her chief complaint was uneven smile, loose and gaps of front teeth.
After a thorough check up, I noticed she had generalized moderate to advance chronic periodontitis. A serious gum disease.
The most challenging part was, she wanted the smile makeover to be completed in 2 weeks time.
She wanted to look good for her brother’s wedding.
The loose and drifted front teeth needs to go if she wanted an even smile.
Orthodontic or braces treatment is a no-no as she wanted an immediate result and she also had periodontitis.

The above 3 photos are her smile before any treatment was done. She suffers from generalized chronic periodontitis (moderate to advance stage)
Look at her smile before treatment. She really disliked the uneven teeth and the gaps too. She has what we called anterior open bite which can only be corrected by orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately the disease that she suffers stops her from getting that option.

After a few minutes of thinking, I drafted a treatment plan for her.
The plan is as follows, she needed;
1) Scaling and polishing
2) Extraction of the loose front teeth
3) Fiber reinforced composite bridge to replace the extracted front teeth (2 in total, one upper and one lower).
4) Composite veneers to close the remaining gaps.
5) Continue with the gum treatment and follow up.

She agreed with the plan and followed through diligently. We managed to improve her smile just in time before her brother’s wedding. Yeay!!
I stressed her the importance of coming back for her gum treatment to ensure the remaining teeth will last longer.

The 6 photos above showed her smile after thorough scaling, extraction and replacement of missing teeth with FRC bridge. She was indeed very happy with the outcome. The best part, she was really committed to change her smile and oral health for the better. We are really grateful for that!

At such a young age, Miss F unfortunately has higher risk of getting gum disease. The calculus (hardened plaque or ‘karang gigi’) formation for her was quite fast compared to most people.

Therefore, she needed extra attention and effort to come back for follow up and review.

I am glad she had made the decision to come. I am sure things will get even worse if she keep on postponing her dental visit. She may lose all of her teeth and needs to wear complete denture at her 40s.

Can you relate to this story? Do you suffer the same symptoms yourself or notice the problems in your family members.

If so, do book your appointment with us. We want to bring out the best in you through your smile!!!

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