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A Smile That Completes Life

I love to get to know about the background of my patients. It’s not just because of my responsibility to dig patient’s medical and dental history, I just love to know more about other peoples’ lives.

 In today’s world, where people tend to be busy with their devices, we tend to forget to have real conversation and build relationships with the people around us.

Recently, I have gotten a chance to meet this wonderful man. His name is Dato’ Mustapha Ong. A humorous and very friendly person. He just could not stop sharing me about his life.

At 77, he complaint to have a few dental problems.

“My son wants to sponsor me all treatment,” he said.

I told him that he is so lucky to have a very kind son. Dato’ was the type who didn’t want to burden her son.

As a parent myself, I understand how it is like to feel that way. Even now, I feel that I need to take care of myself so that I will be independent as I grew older.

As a daughter, I also believe the great reward that awaits me in helping my parents. So, I support his son’s kind gesture in helping him.

I restored all his carious teeth and planned to have the missing teeth replaced with a new type of denture called E-Flex Denture.

His smile before the denture treatment

It is a type of flexible denture and is made out of flexible resin. The greatest advantage is, it is much more comfortable than the conventional denture and looked more natural.

Initially, Dato’ Ong was reluctant to do the denture. After convincing him that he needs it for better chewing, digestion and overall health, then he gave me his full trust to proceed.

From my experience in doing removable dentures, most people will find it challenging to adapt with the new appliance.

In contrast, Dato’ Ong did not have any single complaint about it. He is loving with his new ‘best friend’ now. He found it looks natural and had no issues in adapting to it.

Not only he improved his chewing ability, he also looked 10 years younger! It really completes his smiles and witty personality. He loves to joke around not just with me but with my teammates as well.

Dato’ Ong gave us permission to share about his case and story.

It feels like having another family in our so-called home. Yes, I hope patient feels like home when they are with us.

If you or your parents have many teeth to replace, maybe E-Flex denture is the option for you. You never know unless you get your teeth checked.

Come and experience your dental journey with us. We will treat you like our own family. =)

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