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Some touch up to the small curve.

Nad is a good friend of mine. She had braces treatment done a few years ago with another dentist.

Unfortunately, she was still unhappy with the end result. She came to me for her regular dental check-up and scaling.

She asked what could be done to improve her smile.
She actually had a tiny middle gap due to relapse. Her tooth’s shape also contributed to the unevenness of her smile.

I persuaded her to improve her smile by allowing me to make that small changes to her teeth.

After a few years of thinking, she finally decided to just do it!

I personally think the composite can be shinier. Dental photography allow me to assess my work better. I plan to re-polish this area again at her next visit.
Red colored lipstick can enhance one’s smile. Just see the difference here from her before and after photos.

I only did composite fillings to 3 of her upper teeth. In an hour, she got her new and improved smile!

She was delighted and satisfied with the result.

Can you relate to this story? Are you one of those who had braces treatment done?

However, for some reason, you were not happy with the result or experience relapse?

Braces treatment can just align or straighten your teeth. Sometimes, small touch up or modification is needed to get the perfect-looking-smile.

Allow us to bring more smiles to your life by perfecting that little curve inside your mouth. Never belittle the power of your smile =).
Do email me at kpmawarni@gmail.com for further inquiry or straight away text/call us for appointment date.

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