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Teeth Whitening

Do you long to have a whiter and brighter smile? Have you ever thought of doing teeth whitening?

We believe a smile is the universal act of kindness. With a genuine smile, it builds better relationship and spread positivity to people around us.

A smile is usually the first thing people notice when they meet you. Therefore, you need to give that good impression!

Factors that may cause your teeth to become yellowish;
• Diet including tea and coffee
• Genetic
• Aging
• Smoking

In Klinik Pergigian Mawarni, we offer in-office whitening based on your individual requirement. The treatment will be performed by our trained professionals. It is fast, convenient, safe, effective and affordable.

In just a simple sitting you can get your desired smile! Thousands of people had gotten a more youthful smiles due to teeth whitening. It;
• Makes your teeth whiter up to 8 shades
• Does not remove your tooth structure

How is the teeth whitening process like?

We will examine your teeth and make sure that you are a suitable candidate to do whitening.

We will apply a protective gel to your gums as to keep the whitening material only on the teeth. Then, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth.

A blue plasma light will then be attached to the retractors previously placed in your mouth. This is to speed up the whitening process.

Our Teeth Whitening brand consists of 3-4 cycles. The duration is 12-15 minutes for each whitening cycle.

The attending dentist will pause after each cycle to remove the saliva pool. Then, the whitening gel will be replaced and the plasma light is shined until the cycle ends.

You may feel on-off mild to moderate sensitivity during and after the treatment.

In just slightly more than an hour, you will get a brand new brighter and sparkling smile. This will surely lift up your confidence!

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening
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