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Smile makeover

Pengorbanan Demi Sebuah Senyuman

Pada suatu hari, seorang wanita berumur dalam lingkungan 40an datang berjumpa saya. Tersipu-sipu malu, dia mengakui yang dirinya sudah lama tak jumpa Dr gigi. Sebenarnya,

Cosmetic Dental Treatment

2 Brothers Got Their Handsome Smiles!

Abqari is my primary school friend. We weren’t that close when we were kids. I still remember his image of wearing prefect uniform. He was

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Smile makeover

Smile Makeover in 2 Weeks

Miss F went to see me recently with hope to improve her smile.Her chief complaint was uneven smile, loose and gaps of front teeth.After a

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Cosmetic Dental Treatment

The Same Day Smile!

Ida came all the way from Semenyih to see me. She was really anxious to see dentist. I could see that from her fearful expression

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Need Help?
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