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The Same Day Smile!

Ida came all the way from Semenyih to see me.

She was really anxious to see dentist. I could see that from her fearful expression as she sat on the dental chair.

She could not even recall when was her last dental visit since it was many years ago.

She was unhappy with the overall condition of her teeth, especially her smile.

“What can be done for this front teeth Doctor? Besides braces option?”, she asked. 

She didn’t want to wear  braces.

Her left lateral incisor was tucked behind and her upper left central incisor was protruded.

The above 2 photos were taken before any treatment was done. 


Initially, I planned to extract the tucked-in tooth and replace it with a cantilever bridge to improve her smile.

However, after restudying the tooth condition, If I do cantilever bridge, I might need to sacrifice the vitality of the left central incisor tooth since it was too far protruded.

So, I changed plan to do fibre-reinforced composite (FRC) bridge instead. The advantage of this option is, I get to conserve more tooth structure. It is safe, fast, affordable and can be done in a single sitting.

Though challenging to do immediately after an extraction, it was possible.

She wanted to complete the treatment right away as CMCO will start the following day. She said it would be impossible to do treatment during CMCO as she needs to drag her kids to come to the clinic as well. Furthermore, her house was also quite far.

She can always opt for implant later if she is not happy with the end result.

I managed to complete a composite veneer for right lateral incisor and FRC bridge from left central incisor to canine on the same day.

The above 3 photos were taken immediately after treatment. Please note the bleeding was because the tooth was removed on the same day.

The FRC bridge view from behind ( the palate side). Note the wound of the freshly extracted left lateral incisor was still raw.

She was delighted with the result!! =)

“Is this for permanent?” she asked.

“Well, I can say it is for semi-permanent. Of course the strength of FRC bridge is not as high as the conventional fixed bridge or implant. It can stay very long if you manage to take care of it properly. We shall teach you on the correct hygiene regime at your review visit since the wound is still raw now,” I said.

I was happy to give her the smile that she wanted. It may not be the ideal or perfect treatment. It was the best for her at that time for me after weighing the pros and cons of each option.

For those who are interested to know the most suitable option for your teeth, you may send inquiry at my email It is even better if you come for dental check up as I can give you a more accurate option for your dental needs. Rest assured that everything done is for your best interest!

With Love,

Dr Mawarni

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