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Clear aligner therapy (CAT) refers to a series of clear appliances prescribed to correct malocclusion. They are worn for a certain period to gently guide

Cosmetic Dental Treatment


You have extracted your tooth or teeth before and now you are considering something to fix it. Your dentist might suggest dental implant as an

Cosmetic Dental Treatment


Bad breath or halitosis is one of a major turn off in a social gathering which could affect your overall appearance in public. How can

Cosmetic Dental Treatment


Pernah dengar tentang rawatan pemutihan gigi? Dalam artikel kali ini kita akan bercerita tentang rawatan pemutihan gigi. Adalah menjadi impian setiap individu untuk memiliki gigi

Cosmetic Dental Treatment

2 Brothers Got Their Handsome Smiles!

Abqari is my primary school friend. We weren’t that close when we were kids. I still remember his image of wearing prefect uniform. He was

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Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Achieving a brighter and whiter smile!

Fad wanted a whiter and straighter smile. However, she could not see herself wearing braces to achieve her dream smile. She refused to wear the

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Cosmetic Dental Treatment

The Same Day Smile!

Ida came all the way from Semenyih to see me. She was really anxious to see dentist. I could see that from her fearful expression

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