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The Challenging Denture Case

As a general practitioner, one of the most challenging case to do for me is creating a satisfying denture. This is because the most important criteria for the successful of the treatment lies in the hands of patients.
The most crucial factor is the adaptation of the denture by the patient. Of course, we need to do a good job as well. Ill-fitting denture will cause detrimental effects to the oral tissues.
One day, this elderly patient of mine came with her daughter. A few weeks back her grand daughter came in to do some fillings with me. Maybe she was the one who recommended her grandma to come here after her experience with me.
She is 85 years old. She looked younger than her age though. 
She requested a new upper denture as the existing denture’s clasp (the wing that wrap around the anchor tooth) was broken. As a result, the denture was loose and she could not eat with it. She had done denture countless times.

Her jaw bone was uneven and she refused to do the lower denture as she could not adapt with the previous denture even though she tried.

“The previous dentist spent many visits to adjust my denture,” she said.
You know my feeling at that moment? I was honestly nervous to do her case.
“I will do my very best for you,” I said.
I also told her about my concern and my challenging experiences in dealing with denture cases.
We’ve decided to make a chrome-based denture. The advantage of this denture type is we are able to make the palate coverage thinner and more comfortable. Furthermore, she already quite comfortable and used to the metal-based denture.
The whole process was quite smooth sailing except for the try-in stage. Puan H wanted the appearance to be exactly the same like her old denture.
So, I sent back the case to the lab with her old denture and requested the technician to amend the teeth arrangement as necessary.
Puan H is the type of person who knew exactly what she wants. Maybe after so many times doing the denture. I bet, she already memorized and expected the steps too!
I took my time to follow all her requests. I just did not want any slacks during the issue stage.
I think my attention to details and her requests had paid off. The issuing of the denture was smooth.
She just complained of pain and did a one-time adjustment.

A happy lady after she got her new denture! =)

To me, that is the definition of success already. Phew!!
I told her she could always come back if there is any issue. I will not run away. Hahahah.. Just joking. It’s just my way of saying, I will be responsible in taking care of her regardless! I love my patients=).
I hope she could enjoy chewing and smiling with her new denture. I also hope the denture will last very long so that she does not have to come back many times to make a new one.
Maybe having a denture inside is something that you never think of for now. I hope you do not have to go through that process and can keep all your teeth for life. No dental treatment will meet the quality like your God-given natural teeth.
I understand however, due to many circumstances, some people are forced to choose a denture as an option. Maybe it can be just a temporary option before you can get a fixed appliance which is more comfortable in the long run.
Whatever your condition may be, we are here to help and guide you along the way. Your situation is unique and do not compare with others though in picture it may look the same. =)
Feel free to consult with me by making appointment with us. If you are worried to come due to this Covid-19 pandemic, you can always contact us online by emailing me at kpmawarni@gmail.com.
Take care! Kita jaga kita.
Loads of LOVE,
Dr Mawarni

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